The worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has produced unprecedented challenges in our community and around the world.

We recognize that these unusual circumstances create significant uncertainty and unease in the academic and personal lives of our student residents, employees, and others throughout the community. Green Hub Development Corp cares about your wellbeing, and we encourage you to exercise compassion for each other and to know that your perseverance during these unusual times is greatly appreciated and admired.

Green Hub Development Corp is actively monitoring the outbreak in our community.

To help you navigate the significant amount of information that these circumstances have required, the following is an overview of Green Hub Development Corp’s major announcements for the upcoming academic year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of off-campus housing for the Fall Semester 2021?

We are making plans to remain open for students to return in the Fall Semester. Green Hub Development Corp has a dedicated team developing a plan which will allow everyone to safely resume off-campus living in Waterbury, governed by restrictions aligned with the health and safety mandates issued by State and Federal governments.

Keeping our student residents and building staff safe from infection, while keeping the fall semester intact, is our priority. Should plans need to change in the fall, we are prepared to make the necessary adjustments, and will offer off-campus living to students as soon as campuses reopen.

If I want to live off-campus but school hasn’t reopened, can I still move in?

Yes, if you are a returning student or a prospective student, you can move in for the Fall Semester if schools decide to continue distance learning for the upcoming academic year, and keep campuses closed for the Fall Semester.

What happens to the cost of living if schools reopen in October, not August?

Since it is impossible for schools to determine the definitive start date for the semester, our off-campus housing costs will be adjusted based on the actual start date of schools. A discount will be applied to your invoice for the prorated amount between the contract start date and the actual school start date.

Can I schedule a tour of the Brown Building?

Yes, please visit our website at and submit a request through our Contact form.

What is the status of my move-in deposit if the school does not reopen?

Students who submitted a move-in deposit will be refunded their deposit per request. We encourage students, however, to roll over their move-in deposits assuming schools will reopen in the Spring Semester.