The Brown Building Student Living is unlike any off-campus, student housing you’ll find – it’s specifically geared towards students. Whereas other facilities cater to the general public, we are an environment strictly tailored to the student experience.

Just less than 100 feet from UCONN’s Waterbury campus, we’re a newly renovated historic building fully outfitted with 26 suites for 98 students. Group suites range in size and layout from 900 to 1,500 square feet and come with room for four. Each is fully furnished and comes with a living room, full kitchen, two baths, and a combination of single and double bedrooms. Floors have common areas such as a study room and lounge, and are equipped with laundry and trash facilities. We’ve designed our building with students in mind, looking to UCONN’s Storrs campus as a guide. We want to make sure you have everything you need and more during your stay with us here.

Not only are we interested in your housing comfort, but we’re also concerned about the life you live here. We know being in a building with new faces and experiences can be a challenge so we’ve included community student leaders on each floor. Leaders are here to ensure that every student is engaged and well spoken for. As residents themselves, they’re available full-time to help build relationships through activities and events, answer any questions you may have, or just be there to provide support. We also staff a management office for additional assistance.

To ensure your safety, we’ve built in new state of the art security measures. On the first day orientation, our community student leaders will go over these details with you. All our utilities are newly installed and efficient. Their use comes with the cost of the room, including central heating and air conditioning, as well as high-speed internet. Just minutes walking distance to train and bus stations, you’ll have full access to anywhere you need to go. And being in the heart of Waterbury, we’re in a place of continued growth as the city expands with new coffee shops, restaurants, event venues, and parks.

There’s really nothing like it. We look forward to having you with us and being a part of your college experience!

Our Building's History

Now for a little history lesson. What building in Waterbury is noted as the premier Art Deco building in the area, built in 1930 with the hopes of revitalizing the downtown in the midst of the Depression? It’s located at the center of town, known as Exchange Place, which has been the economic hub through the years. Directly across from it, is Waterbury Green, a park once called Central Square and built in the 1800s. This building has gone through many changes. It’s been a department store, housed doctor and dental offices, retail stores, barber shops, and even a pizza joint. It’s now the home of some quite amazing students, if we might say. It’s The Brown Building, of course!

For several years, our building has actually lain dormant until GreenHub Development purchased it in 2016 with the intent of making it what it is today. This change has spurred a transformation within the city and is a key component of the new revitalization of downtown Waterbury. We’re looking forward to what’s in store.

A New Tomorrow

The Brown Building has undergone quite a renovation. Its interior has been fully transformed for student housing, and this year storefronts will be replaced, and the exterior will be cleaned and restored to its original form. All the while, special care has been taken to bring it through a full historical review to retain its art deco style and charm.

A new lobby has been created off the new parking lot facing the UCONN Waterbury campus. Its new elevator, security desk, mailroom, and management office welcome residents and visitors. The new two-story addition above the lobby is graced with a glass facade looking out onto Main Street and Brook.

Once the hope of downtown Waterbury, The Brown Building is once again a key component of change.

How Suite It Is

And now it’s your turn. Below are some links to help you navigate through the site. We’ve included information on our suites, a grand view of our floorplans, and details about the rooms. Be sure to submit an application soon as you’re ready. Rooms are first come first serve and they’ll go fast!

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