Safety & Security

We take safety and security seriously and have taken every precaution to ensure your protection.

Fire Security

Each suite and the common areas are outfitted with fire sprinklers and a brand new state-of-the-art fire alarm system housing heat detectors and smoke detectors, including smoke detectors in the HVAC system. Suites and common areas are equipped with strobe and sounding annunciators, and the building is fully backed by emergency lighting.

Camera Surveillance

Cameras surround the building, both inside and out, to ensure safety at every angle. We have strategically placed security cameras facing UCONN’s campus to monitor pedestrian traffic walking to and from our building. Inside, the lobby and corridors are equipped with cameras as well.

Building Security

All exterior doors are locked at all times. Only students can gain access by using a swipe card or a swipe app on their phone. This same card or app is the means by which they gain access to their own personal suites. There is one main entrance to the building and all other doors are fire exits.

In addition to the measures we’ve put in place, the local Waterbury police department is always at hand, making regular rounds in the area. Patrol officers cover the grounds from Waterbury Green to UCONN’s campus, including the corner of Main and Brook, by our parking lot.

To ensure that all residents have a clear understanding of our security measures and procedures, we hold an orientation meeting on the first day that students move in. During this time, we cover the details above and emphasize the importance of personal safety measures.

Connecticut is the 11th safest state in the nation, but safety can never be overestimated. Your safety is important to us and together we make the Brown Building both a fun and safe place to live.